As the second leg of Odd-Even comes to an end and the Delhi government is mulling bringing it back in July, the Supreme Court has come down against pollution by refusing to extend the deadline for converting radio taxis in Delhi, from diesel or petrol to CNG vehicles.

The apex court said on Saturday that all radio taxis and app based cab operators will have to make the transition to CNG by Sunday, May 1. The court said this before lifting the ban on registration of diesel cars in Delhi, The Economic Times reported. The court had earlier extended the ban on registration of diesel cars in the state in April, and had also suggested a compensation on diesel vehicles. 

While taxi owners argued that they do not have the required technology for converting diesel and petrol run cars to CNG, SC said that extensions were given and they should have come up with alternatives. The apex court had given a one month extension on the deadline, which was earlier set at March 31. 

The court also ruled that people buying cars over 2000 CC will have to pay 30% levy. 

Feature image source: Reuters