Adorable pictures of animals surfacing on your feeds is common but it is not every day that you see a viral picture of a furry golden labrador who’s a well-respected k9 soldier saluting to senior officer in the olive green. 

Menaka is an officer of the K9 unit who’s currently posted in Kashmir. In a picture that has gone viral, it is saluting Lt Gen KJS Dhillon, the commander of Chinar Corps, while he’s reciprocating the salute.  


According to ANI, this picture was captured earlier this year, on July 1st right before the Amarnath Yatra started. The Army offiials further added: 

While the Corps Commander was going to the holy cave for darshan, around 50 metres before it, Menaka was carrying out his duties. As the Corps Commander reached there, the dog saluted him. 

However, this picture recently surfaced on the internet as Lt. Gen Dhillon posted this on the occasion of Army Veternatrian Corps Day 

Menaka who has been serving our nation for quite a long time now, has become an internat sensation with this picture, here’s what Twitter thinks of this gesture: 

Let’s take a moment to thank Menaka and all the other k9 officers for protecting us on the borders.