Over the last month, the farmers’ protest has taken over India, with farmers from every corner coming out against the 3 farm bills passed in the government. 

DNA India

Because of how long the protest has been going on, and the way farmers, and even the media, have been treated while protesting, the issue has gained international attention 

Despite that, barring a few Indian celebrities who supported the movement, for the most part, the Indian entertainment industry has remained silent about the issue. In contrast, international celebrities, like these, have brought attention to the farmers’ protest: 

1. Rihanna 

2. Greta Thunberg

3. Amanda Cerny

4. Lilly Singh

5. Mia Khalifa

6. Nav

7. Jameela Jamil

8. Rupi Kaur

9. Meena Harris

10. Jay Sean

11. Hasan Minhaj

12. Jazzy B

13. Trevor Noah

14. Susan Sarandon

15. John Cusack

As of now, multiple rounds of talks between the farmers and the government have taken place, but they remained inconclusive.