The coronavirus emergency has taken over everything else going on in the world, with the governments of all countries working towards its eradication.

And from relief funds to lockdown, they have all come up with their own ways to do that. 

Now while we are on the topic, let us look at the tiny kit, the South Korean government is providing its quarantined citizens with.

Care Package sent by South Korean Government on 2nd Day of Quarantine from r/pics

In a bid to stop people from going out, the government is sending these small packages to people, which contain fresh farm fruits, sanitisers, masks, disposable bag and two sweet letters.

The pictures of the same were shared by user Uvzxkwq on Imgur


The user also shared pictures of individual items.

Some fresh farm produce.


Some hygiene essentials. 


And the letters (with translation).

Quarantine garbage disposal instructions.

1. Garbage disposal instructions for people without Corona-19 symptoms.

After filling up the garbage disposal bag provided, please keep it and use the anti-virus spray to disinfect the bag (at least once a day). Only fill up 75% of the bag, tie it tightly and use the spray to disinfect it. You should keep the bag until the end of quarantine and. Call the number provided and they will dispose it for you.

2. Instructions for when you’re showing symptoms of the virus. Do the same as #1 and after filling up the bag please contact the number provided.

3.Instructions for people who was diagnosed with the corona-19 virus. Do the same as #1 and call the number provided.

Hello, for people who are currently suffering from Covid-19, we send our regards and sympathy.

We are sending this environment-friendly health package made with environment-friendly crops. We hope this helps you get energy for your daily routine. Furthermore, we hope you get well soon to return to your daily life. You can do it! Fight it! Go South Korea!

Korea showing the world how it’s done.