Billionaire Nirav Modi, who is under investigation for a ₹13,000 crore bank fraud case, was spotted in London recently, as per the Telegraph

In the video, Nirav Modi evades all questions about bank fraud, his current business dealings, seeking political asylum and even his expected stay in London. 

Reportedly, the jacket he is seen wearing in the video, is made of Ostrich hide and is estimated to cost around £10,000. 


Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi are the prime accused in Punjab National Bank scam, where they apparently provided fake guarantees to secure loans overseas. Both cited threat of lynching as the reason for not returning to India. 

As per reports, Modi is currently residing in a townhouse in SoHo, which is apparently worth ₹ 75 crore and has even started trading in diamonds again. 

However, as per NDTV, foreign ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar shared that the government has already sent an extradition request for Nirav Modi. 

We sent an extradition request to the UK. Just because he was spotted on the street does not mean you can bring him back immediately. There’s a due process. We are waiting for the UK government to respond

As the video circulated on social media, Twitterati called him out for sporting a lavish lifestyle, while running away from the law.