Except doctors there’s just one more department that is trying to do their best to fight the Novel Coronavirus, the Police department. These are the people who are also on the frontline to safeguard people and spread awareness about the dos and don’ts amid this pandemic. While some tried punishing as the way forward, some thought of more creative aways.  

1. Punjab Sub Inspector sings a song 

A Punjab police sub-inspector has found a unique way to spread awareness about precautionary measures to be taken against Covid-19. In a viral social media video, Baljinder Singh is seen singing a Punjabi song telling people the importance of protecting the elders and their children. He asks people to use masks, sanitisers and gloves to keep the deadly COVID-19 away, and urges them to do a “namaste” from a safe distance. P.S. It might sound like a PSA but it’s not. It’s pretty cool.

2. Bangalore cop designs Corona helmet

Policemen from Ulsoor Traffic station wore coronavirus shaped helmets and confronted bikers who were violating the lockdown norms. They stopped the bikes and transferred the helmet onto their heads, showing them how the virus spreads.

3. Andhra police use theatre actors 

The Andhra Police in Dhone town of Kurnool district hired local artists dressed as Yamraj, Chitragupta and coronavirus and went around the town displaying the effect of the virus. In the 24-second-long video shared on Twitter, Yamraj can be heard advising people to stay indoors. A man is seen dressed as Yamraj sitting on the bonnet of a police car. Along with him, there are two other men dressed in black clothes and make-up, portraying death.

4. Kerala Police danced their way to impose the importance of washing hands 

The Kerala police last month released a video to show people the importance of handwashing to ward off the virus. In the video, they danced to the viral hit Malayalam song Kalakkatha from the film Ayyapanum Koshiyum and showed the steps of washing hands to ‘Break the Chain’ and stop the virus from spreading.

5. Andhra Cop used his horse to spread awareness

Sub-Inspector Maruti Sankar was seen riding a horse in Pyapili town of Kurnool district. He painted his white horse with red drawings that looked like the Novel Coronavirus. The cop was seen roaming outside the residential colonies of the area in a bid to raise awareness and urge people to take all necessary measures to contain coronavirus spread.