Indian Twitter is unparalleled in its capacity for absolute garbage. That being said, it is bloody hilarious when it wants to. In light of us, we collected the very best of Indian Twitter from 2020. 

1. Yeah, I never quite understood this part. 

2. This is why we need real sex education in schools. 

3. Just cross your fingers to cancel out any promise you might have made. 

4. Haan yaar. Kuch bhi fairy lights laga dete hain. 

5. How can we ever forget this? This is the stuff of legends. 

6. This is just a fact. I mean, for a long time, I thought they came with the fridge. 

7. Moms are the same, no matter what part of the country you’re from. 

8. Rather jump into a nuclear furnace. 

9. This is just painful. 

10. Hilarious, you think the monolith wouldn’t be stolen. 

11. Well Baburao ain’t wrong. 

12. Whoever said puns were the lowest form of humour was obviously wrong. This is hilarious. 

13. Yeah, fuck them ISCE kids. 

14. Why mum why?

15. WTF? A lot of people got paid really well to make this. 

16. Holy crap! They do. 

17. She needs to stop. 

18. Delhi wale to fir bhi jaa rahe the/hain. 

19. Well, well, well…

20. Well, we have been absolute arseholes for the last few thousand years. 

Obviously, there will always be funnier, better tweets that can be added here. So if you do come across some, help a brother out and let us know.