Remember the time before Play Stations and X-Boxes? Before Temple Run and Candy Crush Saga? The time before the internet took over? Kids in those days played games too. Totally awesome, totally inventive and amazingly addictive games. So who wants to be the denner?

1. Trump Cards

Trump cards were the only way to live out your WWF fantasies and not get hurt. And remember “Clash.”


2. Pitthoo

No one in history could have had so much fun with 7 flat stones and a tennis ball.


3. Maram Pitti

Only the brave of heart dared play this hardcore version of Dodge-Ball. When you got hit in Maram Pitti, YOU GOT “HIT.”


4. Hand Cricket

Remember the “one tip one hand is out” rule?


5. Book Cricket

No, it’s not a book about cricket. It’s a book that’s used to play cricket.


6. Pen Fight

Pen fights, where a desk became a coliseum and our pens became the gladiators.


7. Chupan Chupai

Who can ever forget the desi hide and seek? And here’s for old time’s sake, “DHAPPA!”


8. Chor Police

This was the only game in which you prayed with all your might to actually be the bad guy.


9. Name Place Animal Thing

Anyone who has engaged in these delightful mental gymnastics will probably decimate you in an argument.


10. Join The Dots

Where one well placed or misplaced line meant the difference between victory and defeat.

11. Oonch Neech

The game wasn’t without its hazards, but it was fun as hell.

12. Tippi Tippi Tap Tap

A magical device which could tell you your future based on colours, numbers and letters.

13. Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi

Being Mantri was always so much fun.


14. Chain Chain

You only know how tough this game is once you’ve tried changing directions when the chain has more than 5 people long.


15. Hopscotch

Why isn’t this an Olympic event yet?


And how can we forget the fairest of referees and selection processes?

Pugam Pugai

The original”show of hands.”

Tip Tap

If my foot ends up over your foot, I win. Sure, why not?