A gangster and a cop falling in love sounds like a plot-line of a twisted Bollywood movie, isn’t it? Turns out, this actually did happen in U.P.  

According to reports, a female U.P. police constable and a gangster named Rahul Thasrana met during court hearings at Surajpur court, fell in love over a period of time and got married in March at an undisclosed location. 

India Times

Reports mentioned that Thasrana was accused of murdering a trader named Manmohan Goyal on May 9, 2014 and is accused in over a dozen cases of loot and murder.   

Police sources mentioned that the constable remained in touch with Thasrana even as he continued to be in and out of prison and got married to him as soon as he got out on bail. 


However, reports stated that the officers at the Gautam Budh station, where the constable was posted till the time of the wedding, are clueless about her whereabouts. 

Rural SP Ranvijay Singh added

We are verifying where this woman is posted. Action is likely against her. 

Pictures of Thasrana and the constable performing wedding rituals began circulating after the groom shared the picture on social media.