Partners of officers who serve in the Armed Forces are exceptionally strong. It is no easy task to endure the pains that comes with being married to someone who is serving the nation.

A few months after Squadron Leader Samir Abrol of the Indian Air Force was martyred while test flying a Mirage 2000 fighter plane, his wife Garima Abrol has decided to keep the legacy going. Like that, she is going to become an inspiration to many who want to follow in her footsteps.


Her family and the nation is extremely proud of her as she has cleared her SSB Interview from AFSB Varanasi in her very first attempt. She will be joining the AFA from January 2020. 

Garima Abrol had posted a heartfelt poem after she and the nation lost her husband, Squadron Leader Samir Abrol. When asked why the Air Force, she said,

I really want to see what life looks like in his shoes. Legacy has to move on. Wearing the same uniform also gives me a motive to sustain.

What Abrol is doing has set an example for the best of us that life goes on and we have the power to modify it the way we want to.