Union minister and former Army chief, General V K Singh managed to sound like a Twitter troll on Tuesday after he called out Times Now as ‘presstitutes’.

In last few months, Singh has managed to get embroiled in number of controversies. Last month he said that he felt disgusted to be present at an event arranged by Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit in Delhi.

The war with Times Now broke out after the channel failed to grasp sarcasm from the Minister.

While giving an interview in Djibouti, where Singh was overseeing the evacuation of Indians from Yemen, the minister had said that visiting the Pakistani high commission was more exciting than conducting rescue operations in Yemen.

Times Now was unable to understand this as sarcasm and instead started a Twitter campaign unfortunately titled #VKdisaster.

Sadly TimesNow found itself at the receiving end of his campaign and a counter hashtag #TimesNowDisaster became a bigger trend.

VK Singh had already won Twitter, but then he chose to act like a troll, rather than just quietly enjoy the bashing of Times Now.

While Congress men criticised Singh’s comment as ‘deplorable’ and also pointed out his ‘insensitivity’, the Left said Singh’s comments reflected his mindset, reported The Times of India.

On Twitter, ‘Presstitutes’ has of course become the biggest trend. Below are some tweets around the trend.

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