Animals have been an 'essential' part of the entertainment industry (read: circus) for so long now that it was almost next to impossible to not think of one while giving the other a thought. 

However, several countries have banned the use of animals in circuses, Circus Roncalli, a German circus decided to get creative along with spreading a message about animal cruelty. 

Source: Bored Panda

According to reports, the circus used 3D holographic images to fill an 105 ft wide and 5 meters deep arena.

Source: Metro

The audience had the opportunity to experience elephants, horses and even a goldfish which were produced by special effects provided by eleven different projectors. 

Source: Metro

Not always like this, the circus was initially like any other and used real animals for their shows. However, after their founder, Bernhard Paul invested more than $500,000 dollars to use holographic images instead, there was no going back. 

Source: Unilad

The fight to free animals from captivity and circuses has been going on for a while now with several activists accusing the same of mistreatment of animals. This is a great way to spread the message and conserve our wildlife. 

Source: PETA Asia

The internet expressed its approval of this step and shared their opinions on Twitter.

This is a great initiative and hopefully, this becomes the norm.