A German girl was allegedly raped by an autorickshaw driver in Delhi on December 14, 2015. The complaint for the rape was sent via an email to Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), an official statement confirmed on Saturday.

On February 5, the Commission received an e-mail from the victim on narrating the complete ordeal of the incident. But the victim was not in Delhi and went to the DCW office on February 19.

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The victim informed the Commission that she had lost her way after coming out of her hotel room. “She asked for directions from an auto driver. Instead of dropping her safely to her hotel room, the auto driver assaulted and raped her in the dark,” the DCW statement said, according to a report by IANS

“She somehow managed to get away and ran into another street when the auto driver found her again, this time with a group of men sitting inside the auto. They all ran towards her and started molesting her when she bit the tongue of one of them and he yelled – causing enough commotion for them to get afraid lest someone (should) hear them, and run away,” read the statement narrating the victim’s complaint, the report adds.

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The victim was lying on the road until a passerby saw her and dropped her back to the hotel after realizing that her condition was not well. 

She was reportedly scared of narrating her experience to the police initially. But recently she decided to send a mail to the DCW, after which a police complaint was registered.

However, a senior police official is denying the claim that the complaint was registered after DCW’s notice.