Romantic relationships tend to run into trouble at a certain point of time and friction is bound to happen given everyone doesn’t take life the same way. While millions have been searching for a solution to frequent arguments, one gentleman decided to take some relatively extreme measures.

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This rather no nonsense individual in Germany’s Ruhr, decided that he had had enough of his girlfriend’s demand for peace as opposed to the chaos of machine guns caused by his first love, ‘video games’.

To ensure that he could play video-games with his friend for a long duration without disturbing the girl, the man slipped sleeping pills into his beloved’s tea. The pills had a strong effect and gave the girl a sound sleep till noon the following day.

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The woman also recalled driving to work in a fatigued state while constantly nodding off. The genius gaming enthusiast on the other hand, has been slapped with a fine of 500 euros.

A later analysis of the woman’s hair revealed that she had been under the influence of drug only once, when she was drugged by her ex-boyfriend. The judge admitted that the girl had a long and deep sleep, but also maintained that it was a premeditated assault. The man who was on drugs when the incident took place, accepted that he had been stupid but said he was on the “right path” now.

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While everyone wishes for a peaceful relationship with their beloved, drugging a person to ensure that does not seem like a great idea.