The coronavirus has had a devastating impact on the economy the world over, and many places are struggling to keep afloat. Apart from humans, this has also affected the lives of our animals, especially the ones in zoos who are dependent on being fed.

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Tierpark Neumünster Zoo in Germany is in the news after its director said staff may have to feed some of the park’s animals to other animals due to a severe financial crunch.

According to the German Press Agency, the zoo has been shut since March 15 due to coronavirus, and is now unable to feed its 700 animals. 

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As the situation heightens, they have been considering worst-case scenarios which involve difficult decisions, like slaughtering the deer to feed the polar bear.

Director Verena Kaspari said,

If – and this is really the worst, worst case of all – if I no longer have any money to buy feed, or if it should happen that my feed supplier is no longer able to deliver due to new restrictions, then I would slaughter animals to feed other animals.
Ihran Zeiger

Endangered animals would not be killed, but goats and deer would be first on the slaughter list. What a sad place we’ve come to.