In a bid to become more environmentally conscious, Germany has finally decided to ban single-use plastic products. The German Cabinet has decided to put an end to the sale of many single use products like single-use plastic straws, shopping bags, food containers, and cotton buds from the beginning of next year.  

The Conversationalist

Svenja Schulze, the Environment Minister stated that this is to induce a step away from Germany’s “throw away” culture. So from July 3, 2021 onwards, the country has decided to ban all single-use plastic products. 

This includes single-use stirring sticks, plates, cutlery, balloon holders, polystyrene cups and other things that are replaceable. These items have been banned because they are most likely to be found on a European beach, littering. These plastic items make up 20% of the waste found in parks and other public spaces. 

The Sun Daily / Reuters

Germany has joined the likes of China, Columbia, Romania, Senegal, Rwanda, South Korea, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh who have also made similar changes. The banning of single-use plastic will prove to be a huge step towards solving the country’s plastic problem.