If there’s anything that’s keeping people hooked to their phones after Pokemon Go, it surely has to be the awesome photo-editing app, Prisma. People everywhere are uploading painting-esque pictures of themselves on social networking sites. Up until a few days ago, the app was only available for iOS users, but now it’s available on Android as well. You too must have checked out the cool filters that make your photographs look super dreamy? But we’re also sure that you all are incredibly annoyed by the watermark at the bottom, right? Well worry no more because we’ve got your back!

You can do away with the Prisma watermark in just 2 easy steps!


Open the app and go to the settings menu, the one on the extreme right.


Now disable the ‘enable watermark’ option and voila you’re good to go!

So, now you upload the picture that you want to edit.


And while it will look like this with the watermark:

You can get one without the watermark as well!

You can thank us now!