Imagine being promised a date with Hrithik Roshan and later realising that you have been taken for a ride by one of the biggest cola brands. Not cool. Well this is exactly what happened to a girl from Chandigarh, and that isn’t all, she had to wait for 15 long years before the court took action.

Source: MemSaab

Shikha Monga was on top of the world in the year 2000, when she discovered that she had won a contest by Coca Cola, the reward for which was a date with Hrithik Roshan. But it turned out that the whole scheme to lure consumers was a sham. Shikha decided to take Coca-Cola to the court, and today after 15 years, the company has received a notice.

The court also exempted Shikha from paying Rs 2.43 lakh as court fee for the suit. As a teenager Shikha spent all her pocket money on buying Coca Cola and was overjoyed on winning the first prize. When she approached their marketing office in Chandigarh, she was given five lakh rupees instead of the promised date.

Source: For Wallpaper

For her the money meant nothing compared to a date with her favourite star and she made several requests, apart from writing numerous letters. Finally she filed a suit against Coke for damages for having been labelled a liar among friends and relatives.

While this was just a promotional gimmick for a huge cola brand like Coca-Cola, it doesn’t befit a giant like this company to not see a promoted campaign through till the end.

Our question: Does Shikha get to meet Hrithik Roshan now? (‘Coz if she does, the wait has made the date all the more hotter!)