Goa power minister Nilesh Cabral has been having a bit of a tough time, which unsurprisingly is his own doing.

After calling Faye D’Souza ‘my dear’ during an interview, he proceeded to challenge the AAP government for a debate over electricity models in Delhi and in Goa.

Much to people’s pleasure, he had to pay a price for both. We all know how Faye dealt with the situation; as for the latter, the AAP party has sent its representative, Raghav Chadha to Goa, for a public debate. 

In something that doesn’t happen too often in Indian politics, AAP is ready to discuss the matter in public, which is exciting to say the least.

However, in something that does happen very often, Cabral has decided to back out. With a silly excuse.

Anyway, Raghav is already on the flight and has been persistently asking Cabral to tell him the time and the venue. 

The chances of Cabral showing up are very slim, but this masterstroke by AAP has been giving Twitter a really good time.

Raghav to Cabral: