In what is constantly appearing as Maharashtra Police’s consistent knack for locking down animals in jails, a goat was put inside a lock up at Pathri in Parbhani district along with the alleged thief who stole it few days back.

The goat could have continued to remain behind the bars had an image of the animal not gone viral on social media.

Source: Twitter

The goat was stolen on Saturday, August 22, allegedly by three people, one of whom was nabbed by the police on Sunday, August 23, and put in the Pathri lock-up.

However, the police also locked up the goat along with the alleged thief Naseem Khan. Whatever happened to animal right? That’s like not only arresting a victim but also keeping the victim and kidnapper in one room. Not like, that’s exactly what happened.

Last week, police had summoned a parrot in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra for “abusing” a woman.

The trauma this poor goat has been subjected to is unacceptable. Tchehh, humans.