A few days after the government announced a total lockdown in the country, a self-styled godwoman in Uttar Pradesh decided to hold a religious gathering at her home in Mehda Purva, Deoria district.

What's even more surprising is that, when the police came to disperse the crowd, the woman came out of her house carrying a sword, daring the policemen, "Try and remove me".

And so they did.

godman daring the police to take her with them
Source: Twitter/Adam

However, it was only after a fight, which forced two trucks of police force to pin her down and almost drag her.

In a video shared on Twitter, she can be seen swinging her sword, as the police says asks people to leave.

As per a report from NDTV, police announced from the loudspeaker:

We will file a case against you and your followers. This is your last chance. Stop this gathering. All of you go home or we will take strict action.

The god-woman apparently calls herself Maa Aadi Shakti and some of her followers had come for Bihar.

godwoman organises a gathering amid coronavirus lockdown
Source: Twitter/Adam

In the end, the police had to use their force and they succeeded in ending the gathering.