On August 1st, The UK’s Olympic gold medalist Tom Daley caught everyone’s eye when he was spotted knitting in the stands while watching the women’s springboard diving final at Tokyo Olympics.

India Today

The 27-year-old athlete, who recently bagged gold alongside Matty Lee in the men’s synchronized 10-meter platform event, was seen knitting a cute pink-and-purple pouch at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre.

ET Online

From embracing his passion out in the public to enjoying the simple joys of life, he is absolutely crushing toxic social constructs like a boss. Just look at him knitting!


Needless to say, his pictures and videos instantly caught the attention of the broadcasters. Even the official page of the Tokyo Olympics shared a post of him knitting, which later went viral on social media.

After bagging the gold at Tokyo Olympics, he highlighted his love for knitting and shared that he had spun a tiny pouch for his medal. He said that knitting and stitching had helped him stay calm during the entire process.

Myself and Matty won the Olympics yesterday and I thought I would just come and say that the one thing that has kept me sane during this whole process is my love for knitting, crochet and all things stitching. This morning I made a little cozy pouch for my medal. It has the British flag on one side, and the Canadian flag on the other. It tucks in nicely. It is a nice pouch for me to carry my medal without getting scratched.

Netizens, who lauded him for being ‘a true confident champ’, celebrated his love for knitting through their tweets.

Isn’t this too cute to handle?