Service dogs protect mankind in more ways than we can think. Whether it is searching for drugs or explosives, discovering evidence, or locating missing people, these four-pawed police doggos have got everything covered. 

On such loyal canine who helped Maharasthra's Beed police in solving over 365 cases was Rocky. 

Source: Twitter; SP Bedi

Rocky was a trusted and brave canine who served the authorities and the people of his country with honour. Unfortunately, on Sunday he drew his last breath. 

Source: ANI

Paying tribute to Rocky's courage and thanking him for his service, police officials paid their last respects by giving Rocky a farewell. In a tweet the Beed Police mentioned:  

At 4 pm today, Rocky, our canine companion and colleague passed away due to a long illness. He had helped in the solving of 365 cases. The Beed Police family is deeply pained by his demise. A tribute was paid to the brave dog. 
Source: ANI

May his soul rest in peace.