South Asia’s biggest content-to-commerce conglomerate, Good Glamm Group, has made a new addition to its family and that is MissMalini Entertainment.

MissMalini is famously the largest influencer and talent management organisation in the country, and by acquiring it, the Good Glamm Group has made its way to a whole new market for itself.

Despite the move, MissMalini will continue to work independently and Founder Malini Agarwal and Co-founders Nowshad Rizwanullah (also CEO) and Mike Melli (also CRO) will be leading the affairs at the organisation.

This step has allowed the Good Glamm Group to assemble some of the biggest online content platforms. These include: POPxo, ScoopWhoop, BabyChakra, and of course, MissMalini.

With set ambitions behind every move, the conglomerate is making a unique place for itself in the business as it now has male grooming, parenting, and influencer content sites under its wings.

Speaking about the acquisition, the founder of MissMalini, Malini Agarwal said:

This is an incredibly exciting new chapter for MissMalini Entertainment. Becoming part of Good Glamm Group will be hugely beneficial for both parties, whether in terms of our massive combined industry footprint or opening up new avenues for growth in this digital first world. Both The Good Glamm Group and MissMalini share strong brand synergies, common values and a joint vision to transform India’s burgeoning social commerce industry, leveraging first mover advantages to create exciting new opportunities across the country’s creator economy. While I will continue to spearhead MissMalini’s creative operations, I am super excited to launch new initiatives in the future with G3 co-founders Darpan, Priyanka and Naiyya and all the other fabulous companies that are joining the group. These are incredibly talented entrepreneurs and I’m honored to join such a fabulous crew! 

The other founders are also looking forward to the future this step may bring. The 5 business divisions of MissMalini under the Good Glamm Group will be. 

MissMalini Media (multi-format original content and marketing), Girl Tribe by MissMalini (women’s community platform), Ignite Edge (celebrity & talent management), Agent M Creative (Creative Agency) and MM Studios (video production house).

These platforms reach around 60 million people a month. This acquisition will hopefully lead to a bright future for everyone involved.