In an exciting new announcement Plixxo, MissMalini, Winkl, and Vidooly have come together to form a group called Good Creator Co, which will be the country’s largest creator ecosystem. 

The Good Creator Co is co-founded by Malini Agarwal, Nowshad Rizwanullah, Mike Melli, Rahul Singh, Nikhil Kumar, Subrat Kar, Nishant Radia, and Ajay Mishra.

The aim of the platform will be to provide technology and solutions to influencers and brands.

The individual platforms have a reach of over 70+ million users every month and under one umbrella, they will provide influencers with the best brand campaigns, extensive monetization opportunities, among other services via an app.

This will help them showcase their work, indulge in networking, and get access to other important resources.

Meanwhile, the brands will get a data analysis, and solutions for their OTT content generation needs, etc.

The Good Creator Co is a spin-off of Good Glamm Group and is aiming for ₹250 crores revenue run rate by the end of this year. The Good Glamm Group has invested ₹200 crores seed capital in the project.