We have had a tough time dealing with everything over the past two months. Being locked-up inside our homes, hearing about the ever-increasing COVID-19 cases and related deaths across the world, plight of migrant workers, etc. has left the world under a spell of gloom.

Despite everything negative we’ve been hearing, there have been some moments of hope and happiness. Here’s a list of such good news headlines, that you might have missed.

1. Earth’s atmosphere is finally healing after ages.

science alert

2. News of recovery of COVID-19 patients gives us hope.


3. At a time when our health care workers are facing severe scarcity of protective equipment, this is a refreshing news.

Deccan Herald

4. Doordarshan started airing the old ‘Ramayan’ to help us beat lockdown blues.


5. A welcome move towards prohibiting the consumption of these animals for human food.


6. Delhi recorded AQIs in ‘good’ and ‘moderate’ categories.

The Hindu

7. This was the first baby to be born from a COVID-19 positive mother in Delhi.

Indian Express

8. After years, water of River Ganga was found to be fit for human consumption.


9. To ease the lives of women, Lucknow administration decided to deliver sanitary napkins to their homes.


10. After years, rare snow leopards were spotted in Uttarakhand.


11. With Kerala leading the way, we are hopeful of winning over the pandemic.


12. It was a sight to behold for Mumbaikars when thousands of flamingoes flocked to a creek in Navi Mumbai.


13. At a time when people are rendered homeless and jobless, Bangla Sahib Gurdwara is feeding thousands.


14. Months after Australian brushfires ravaged Australia, the endangered koala bears are finally returning home.


15. Reduced air pollution in Jalandhar treated the resident to an enchanting view of the snow-capped Himalayas.


16. At a time when we are facing shortage of ventilators, Mahindra group developed cheaper prototypes of this life-saving device.


17. Such is the dedication of doctors in our country.

Mumbai Mirror

18. Stray animals need our compassion in this time of crisis.

Deccan Herald

19. As many as 30,000 doctors volunteered to serve the nation on the government’s appeal.


20. A heartwarming of pic of a tiger cub playing with its mother in Sariska tiger reserve brought smiles on our faces.


These pieces of news have gave us hope during the tough times.