Internet giant Google on Wednesday, June 3 apologised to Prime Minister Modi after a controversy erupted around its search results for the term ‘Top 10 Criminals’. Upon searching that term, users would find three images of India’s prime minister as a result.

This expectedly drove the twitterati up the wall. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people took to the micro-blogging website to express their anger and dismay at the transgression by the search engine.

The extreme uproar led Google to release an apology for its error. ” It definitely troubles us. This is not reflective of our opinion. We apologise for this,” Google said in its apology. It also said that it is working hard to make sure such errors are not repeated in the future.


Experts have not yet come to a conclusion on how it happened, though many opined that it might be the result of a tagging issue or comments that have been used with Modi’s images on the internet.

The amusing part of this story is the reaction people had on Twitter. A large number believed it was a conspiracy of some sort, hatched either by the opposition parties or some international entities. The others were simply furious.

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