The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced people working in companies across the world to work from home. Now, Facebook and Google have announced that they would allow most of their employees to work from home through 2020.

facebook and google
Source: CNet

According to CNet, Facebook will not reopen most of its offices before July 6th. Even after that, the company is allowing its employees who can work remotely to work from their homes.

facebook office
Source: Geekwire

Facebook is considering various factors such as information from public health agencies and government guidance before making any decision allowing the employees to start working from offices.

Source: ITKey

Apart from this, Google is also allowing its employees to work from home through 2020. Sundar Pichai, CEO Alphabet Inc, told the employees that they can continue to work from home till the end of 2020.

Source: Livemint

However, for those who need to work on-site, the company will begin opening its offices in June or July while following social distancing.