Do you want to know about your future? Well then your future is just a Google search away.

“With our latest addition to Google we try to experiment with fortune-telling. Based on your previous search results and your profile, we try to make a good prediction of your future,” the feature’s introduction reads.

So what you are supposed to do is to go to the main page of the Google Fortunetelling app and type a question about your future. While we know it’s irresistible to stop yourself from writing down a query on the app, here comes Google’s creative genius.

As you begin typing in the search box, the kind of questions that pop up will leave you baffled if not shocked. You won’t be able to identify with the questions. Precisely, that’s what Google wants you to know about.

The purpose of this new Google app comes to the fore only when a user clicks on ‘predict my future’ button. Click and you are redirected to a page which informs that Google Fortunetelling is a campaign aimed at creating an awareness on the ongoing migrant crisis in Europe, and a brilliant one at that.

Here’s what you get:

Clearly, the app informs you about its inability to predict the future. However, it brings to you the reality of millions of refugees fleeing war-torn Syria. It also provides with the suggestions to help those who have nowhere to go.

A group in the Netherlands, BrainMedia, is behind the site, Waay TV reports.

While this is an interesting way to make people aware about the dark reality of refugees, not just in Europe but around the world, the only way the campaign could help in bringing change is by sharing and spreading the word about it.

Let’s show some care about the future of others too.