Come 2017, it will be time to look skywards for your deliveries. With Google giving wings to drones to start airborne deliveries, the prospect of busy and noisy skies is not far behind.

Still stuck on how busy it could get in the skies? Well, the air traffic control system for the drone traffic would use existing cell network infrastructure to keep the drones in line while only reaching heights of 500 feet.

Just imagine how divine it will be to receive packages minutes after ordering online!

If the Project Wing head, David Voss, is to be believed, the drone delivery service could be flying goods to people in the US as early as 2017. He said that Alphabet is in discussions with the Federal Aviation Administration, along with other stakeholders, on implementing an air traffic control system for drones. The system would be using Internet and cellular technology for the coordination of drone flights at heights of under 500 feet. “Our goal is to have commercial business up and running in 2017,” Vos said at an air traffic control convention held near Washington, reported Tech Times .

With Amazon and Walmart planning the same intiative, Google’s Alphabet has to get working if it doesn’t want to be out-droned by the competition anytime soon.