Cases of cruelty against animals and animal volunteers isn't something unheard of in our country.
Recently an incident, shot on video, in Khar, Mumbai surfaced where a woman volunteer was thrashed by a group of locals. 

Woman volunteer attacked by goons
Source: Instagram

Months after a verbal altercation between locals (complaining of foul smell from the shelter) and volunteers of Youth Organization in Defence of Animals (YODA) Mumbai in the area, another attack took place on a female volunteer on Thursday, February 6. 

In a bid to strangulate the woman the man pushed her against her scooter and then continued to violently and brutally attack her while she was still pinned down. 

Woman volunteer attacked by goons
Source: Instagram

The two culprits, identified as Arif and Aslam Shaikh, surrounded the woman volunteer after pinning her down and soon absconded. 

Despite the ghastly attack, it took police a while to register the FIR but the problems for the Animal Organization didn't end there. 

Woman volunteer attacked by goons
Source: Instagram

On Sunday, February 9, a huge crowd gathered outside the Khar Police Station supporting the local goons who attacked the woman volunteer. 

Moreover, they threatened to break the shelter and harm all their volunteers. Even the civic sanitation workers were heckled and threatened. 

Khar Police Station, Mumbai
Source: Daily Motion

Even though the main accused was nowhere to be seen, the crowd orchestrated outside in his support forced the organization to withdraw their FIR.

Other accused nabbed by the police officials were also released on bail without setting up an inquiry on the whole incident. 

Police in Mumbai
Source: Free Press Journal

Calling it an issue of women safety in the city and not just a case of animal rights, the organization condemned the attack and asked people from across the country to stand by them in this difficult situation. 

Animal Shelter, Khar
Source: Indian Pariah Dog

After days of unrest for the volunteers and the shelter's owners one of the accused, Arif, was nabbed by the Khar Police.

Senior SI, Gajanan Kabdule, confirmed they are looking for the other culprit.