– Lord Byron 

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, there is a rapture on the lonely shore. There is society, where none intrudes. By the deep Sea, and music in its roar, I love not man the less, but nature more

This is exactly how I felt after reading this piece of news. Isn’t it enough that we keep animals caged up? But then we have to go be super stupid and do things that ends their lives?

A few days ago,a man jumped into a lion enclosure in Chile forcing the officials to kill two lions! The man in question wanted to commit suicide. How was it the fault of those two beasts?

the sun

After that incident, a new report came in from Cincinnati, where a 4- year-old fell into a gorilla enclosure! The result was the same. The animal was put down.

The boy was dragged around by the 180 kg animal for about 10 minutes in the moat. While the life of the boy is priceless, what about the poor animal? Whose fault is it that he had to take the bullet?

Do we blame his parents for not being careful enough in a zoo? There has to be some kind of supervision that prevents such incidents. 

Zoo director Thane Maynard told BBC:

The officials made a tough choice and they made the right choice because they saved that little boy’s life. It could have been very bad.We are all devastated that this tragic accident resulted in the death of a critically-endangered gorilla. This is a huge loss for the zoo family and the gorilla population worldwide.

He also mentioned that a tranquilliser wouldn’t have been effective quick enough. Although he said the gorilla did not attack the boy, he added that the boy “certainly was at risk”.

The boy was taken to a nearby hospital, though there are no reports on his health but there is reason to believe that he will recover. The gorilla’s name was Harambe. He was 17 years old, and was brought to the zoo in 2014.

While we are glad that the toddler is safe, we hope that you’re in a better place, Harambe. Sorry we failed you.