Speaking on the 90th birth anniversary of Rev Dr Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan, PM Modi shared the vision and mission of the government.

On the economical front, he said that the government’s aim is to come up with ‘people-friendly and growth-friendly’ decisions, while emphasising the importance of a self-reliant India.

He also said that the government is sensitivity-driven. To quote him:

Decisions are taken not from comfortable government offices in Delhi but after feedback from people on the ground.
The Financial Express

Moving on, the PM also touched upon the topic of unity and said that the government doesn’t discriminate on the basis of caste, colour, creed, faith, gender and language.

Now this is something people had opinions on.

PM Modi further discussed the ‘vocal for local’ campaign, and noted:

Today India is saying, we will produce locally and also buy local products. This will light the lamp of prosperity in the homes of many.
The Indian Express

And lastly he said that we must not let our guards down in the fight against coronavirus. The PM is addressing the country again today, through his monthly radio programme Mann ki Baat.