About a month ago, a man was assigned a task. One which would involve sexy pictures, condom packets and the law. And now he has finally come up with a decision. 

According to a Times of India report, the government is all set to tell the Supreme Court that it is fine with having titillating pictures on the covers of condom packets. 

b’Representational image | Source: PTI’

The government will tell the Supreme Court that there are adequate provisions in various laws to ensure that the companies self-regulate and that it had no intention of regulating advertisements on condom packs. 

In April, a Supreme Court bench had asked Additional Solicitor General Maninder Singh to decide on whether these images need to be regulated. 

“You tell us whether action can be taken on these ads or not… Take a look at the advertisements available on record and also others and then tell us what is your stand,” the bench told him.

Condom manufacturers have appealed in the Supreme Court against a 2008 Madras High Court order that banned such pictures on the grounds that they are obscene. The central government’s decision could be a boost for them.