The coronavirus pandemic has been harsh on most of us. While some lost their loved ones, others escaped death and loss closely. All of this has taught us to be more grateful for the little joys and gifts of life, the greatest being our own lives.

This Gratitude Day, let’s take a moment to thank all those working endlessly so that we remain safe.

1. Health workers

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, doctors, nurses and other staff involved in the upkeep of hospitals have been working constantly to treat those infected. We have seen so many instances of health workers being underpaid in India and the world, but this has not deterred their strength and dedication.

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2. Teachers

Education is one of the worst affected sectors during the pandemic. With millions of schools shut across the world, teachers haven’t left any stone unturned in imparting education in whatever ways possible. Despite all the trolling and harassment, they continue to teach kids online and adapt to the new methods of teaching just so that students’ learning isn’t hampered.

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3. Police officers

Always on the frontlines, countless police officers have been doing their duties from day one. Sure, they were criticised for their actions, but they continue to serve the nation despite all the risks.


4. Pharmacists

Remember, when the lockdown was first announced in India? A majority of us rushed to the nearest medical stores to buy our essential medicines and other pharmaceutical products. These pharmacists deserve our respect and gratitude for working amid all the fear.


5. Delivery agents

While we stayed inside our homes amid lockdown and the fear of transmission, food delivery agents have been out on streets delivering food and medicines, to us. 


6. Civil Servants

Civil servants have been working at ground level to ensure proper administration, despite the risk of getting infected.


7. Journalists

Several journalists have consistently risked their lives to bring to us real stories amid the pandemic. At times, they went over and above their duties, to help those in need.

8. Airline workers

Airline workers have been working relentlessly to bring back Indians stranded abroad. They along with their families have even faced severe discrimination from the residential societies.

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9. Sanitation workers

From collection of waste from our houses to its safe disposal in landfills, sanitation workers have been constantly exposed to the virus.


10. Public transport drivers

Public transport system opened up in India way before other venues like malls and gyms during the lockdown. The drivers and operators have been putting their health at risk while doing their duties.

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Let’s be thankful to them and express our gratitude in whatever ways we can.

Every little gesture counts.