Without a doubt, 2022 ended with a BANG! It bade adieu only after engrossing us all to the global takedown of a 36-year-old social media personality and a professional misogynist Andrew Tate by a 19-year-old climate activist, Greta Thunberg. In case you missed how Tate and his ‘small dick energy‘ got so famous, we have your back.

Andrew Tate small dick energy by Greta Thunberg

But first, did you know that Tate was banned from most social media platforms, like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others, because of his misogynist comments and hate-ridden remarks. Unsurprisingly, like Donald Trump and Kanye West, Tate returned to Elon Musk’s Twitter. Only for ONE FINAL BLOW!

Here’s how an entitled Tate tried to mess with Thunberg but got brutally ratioed — in the Tweet Of The Year — and arrested.

Andrew Tate pizza twitter battle Greta Thunberg

1. It began with Andrew Tate bragging about his 33 cars and how his collection is responsible for an enormous carbon commission. His naive self wanted to email Thunberg a comprehensive report on the collective emissions from his cars.

The man was so free that he followed his tweet with a crossover video of Thunbrerg’s famous ‘How Dare You?’ and his massive car collection. But little did he know at the time, he was gonna get a response from her. Something that would explode his frivolous male ego.


2. Thunberg responded with her email address. Only, it was a sensational attack on Tate’s small dick energy in front of the world.

Guess now we know where all that misogyny comes from!

3. Dumbfounded, all Tate could do at the time was mince Thunberg’s iconic words.

4. But guess what? He did come back with a response (after ten hours). Only, it made him look stupider than ever.

By this time, the world was already ROFLing hard at Thunberg’s epic response. But how could a man like Tate ever live with that! Hence, digging his own grave, Tate released a 2-minute-long response video only to call Thunberg a man with a small dick. LOL. Note, while blabbering in the video, he asked for pizzas inside non-recycled boxes.

Basically, he took so much time trying to reassert his remnant masculinity. And all he could come up with was a prolonged version of ‘jo bolta hai wahi hota hai.’ Besides, doesn’t he look visibly traumatised, even in his own video?

5. Meanwhile, in doomed efforts to keep his falling ship stable, Tate retweeted and replied to tweets from his deluded fan base to make a facade of how he was winning at the beef.

What a man-child! A blithering creep who can’t handle he’s the only thing wrong with society. Incapable to accept his defeat, he began sexualising Thunberg cos that’s what men like him do. Make perverted jokes and create a pretence of their toxic masculinity.

6. Thanks to Tate’s arrogant video, Romanian authorities got the cue about his location through the ‘non-recycled pizza boxes,’ and the so-called macho man was arrested along with his brother in connection with sex trafficking and rape allegations.

Reportedly, Tate and his brother, with two more Romanian nationals, allegedly exploited six women by forcing them to create pornographic content meant to be shown to particular websites at a cost. Tate denies the allegations.

Andrew Tate arrested Romanian authorities

7. Like a Queen, Thunberg hit back with one last response to destroy Tate’s feeble chauvinism once and for all.

8. And here’s how people like you and I rejoiced to see Tate get what he really deserved.


In mere two sentences, Thunberg immortalised Tate’s small dick energy. The flag bearer of man-children and hard-core, yet hollow, chauvinism has become the biggest Internet troll of our times. Happy New Year, indeed!