Last two weeks have been full of despair for every Indian. With two big cases of rape shaking the nation’s conscience, people’s faith in humanity is somewhat lost.

While we hope for a better and a safer future for our women, here is a chronological list of rape cases from every month of this year, to give you an idea of how bad things are currently (it’s my duty to note, here, that the actual number of cases are much more and that is just as unfortunate as it can be).

1. 16-year-old girl was beheaded and her body parts were cut before they were doused in acid (January, 2019).

2. A 30-year-old man from Dhalai district was arrested for sexually assaulting his own daughter (January, 2019).

Indian Express

3. A 5-year-old girl was raped after being abducted from Mahim area of Mumbai. Her body was found on the roadside later (February, 2019).


4. A man held a 16-year-old at gunpoint when she was out to relieve herself and raped her in Uttar Pradesh (March, 2019).

India Today

5. A 30-year-old man allegedly raped the girl, broke her bones and later murdered her. She was on her way to the temple (April, 2019).

6. A Karnataka woman’s body was found and while it was initially said to be a suicide case, things took a bad turn soon (April, 2019).

India Today

7. A 20-year-old man allegedly raped a 3-year-old kid when she was playing outside her home in Jammu & Kashmir (May, 2019).

Global Citizen

8. 3 men allegedly raped a 17-year-old deaf and mute girl and also filmed the whole act in UP’s Rampur (May, 2019).

News 18

9. 3 men confined and raped a 16-year-old girl for 51 days in Noida (May, 2019).

10. 5 men beat and raped a woman who was out for shopping with her husband. They also videotaped the act (May, 2019).

11. A man allegedly killed a 9-month-old baby after raping her during wee hours in Telangana (June, 2019).

India Today

12. A man lured a 4-year-old girl with a 10-rupee-note and took her to a secluded spot to physically violate her (June, 2019).

13. A social worker from Mumbai allegedly took a mentally challenged woman on his bike and raped her (June, 2019).

14. A rickshaw puller allegedly raped a 6-year-old girl in Delhi’s Janakpuri (July, 2019).

India Today

15. Two teachers allegedly raped a blind girl in the music room of the school in Gujarat (July, 2019)

16. The girl said that a group of men attacked her when she was out for a walk in Bihar’s Gaya (August, 2019).


17. ‘Sorry, amma’ – that was the note from a 12-year-old girl who was physically violated by over 30 men in 2 years (September, 2019).

Times of India

18. Two teachers, including the vice-principal were accused of raping a class 4 student in Jharkhand (September, 2019).

Telegraph India

19. A 24-year-old woman wrote names of people who allegedly raped her – and committed suicide by hanging herself (October, 2019).

India Today

20. A man raped a 16-year-old girl in her house in UP’s Banda (October, 2019).

21. 5 men allegedly hit and raped a woman in a park when she had gone to explore a job opportunity. The acquaintance and 4 others who intervened tried to assault her (November, 2019).

Hindustan Times

22. 6 men allegedly raped a minor who had gone to a park in Coimbatore to celebrate her birthday with a friend (November, 2019).

India Today

23. Father-in-law and his brother raped a woman after she objected to triple talaq her husband gave her (November, 2019).

Gulf News

24. 4 men brutally gang-raped a woman in Cuddalore and killed one of their gang members over a fight for taking turns (November, 2019).

The News Minute

25. A man raped and murdered his own 19-year-old friend on her birthday in Telangana (November, 2019).

26. A young man abducted a 14-year-old girl on her way to school, took her to jungle and sexually assaulted her in Mandi (November, 2019).

India Today

27. A veterinarian from Hyderabad was raped and burnt alive by 4 men when she was a tolll booth to pick her bike. All accused were killed in an encounter, later (November, 2019).

India Today

28. A man posed himself as brother’s friend to the class 8 student and asked for water, before going inside the house and raping her (December, 2019).

News 18

29. The headmistress’s husband sexually assaulted a class 7 girl and the matter became public after she was found to be 3-month pregnant.

India TV

30. 4 people were arrested in the case of a Haryana woman being gang-raped twice in 5 months (December, 2019).

31. A woman from Unnao breathed her last in Delhi after she was put on burnt alive by the accused, when she was on her way to the court (December, 2019).

India Today

No words can do justice to the survivors’ misery as I don’t think anything can make things normal for them. But justice might give some solace to their hearts and ours, and we hope the law punishes the guilty as soon as possible.