In a reminder of the fake IPL that was started by a group of fraudsters in Gujarat, a group of con artists ran a fake police station 500 meters away from a real one in Bihar’s Banka, and it took the authorities 8 months to find that out. 

These people ran the police station from a rented guest house and exported money from unsuspecting people who were coming there looking for help.

Their way of getting money was to take money in exchange for jobs, or the promise of solving a crime. To make everything seem real, they had proper, and fake, paperwork in place, too.

When caught by the police, they had the most ingenious excuse – that they thought they were actually working for the police department. 

It was a group of 6 people that ran this scam and 5 of them have been arrested for now, while one remains on the run. 

It happens only in India.