With the rising number of Covid-19 cases, India’s GDP has been affected drastically. 

The collapse of 23.9% of the GDP in the second quarter has become the talk of every household as it is the largest slump on record since India started reporting quarterly data in 1996. 

Naturally, this piece of information outraged many Indians. While some made memes to channel their anger and frustration, others thought differently. Twitter user, Swati suggested mimicking the ‘Taali bajao, thaali bajao, for healthworkers,’ to match with the ‘Go corona go’ chant, and ask the GDP to grow.

After her tweet went viral on social media it actually turned into a real event. 

The event is now being hosted by a satirical page called ‘Pictures Of Taimur Ali Khan To Distract You From Real Issues’ on Facebook and it is named ‘Banging Thaalis & Shouting “Grow GDP, Grow” From Our Balconies’. 

For those who are curious, the event is scheduled at 9 PM today (9th September). The description of the event reads:

At 9 PM on the ninth day of the ninth month, we will bajao thaalis and scream “Grow GDP, grow” from our balconies. Maintain social distancing and keep your cameras handy for some instant PR work with a peacock or something. 

Even though people know this is all in humour, over 20,000 people have already signed up for participating in this parody event. 

People on social media are also keen on participating.

Yeh bhi try karke dekh lete hai.