There have been action plans, there have been rallies, in fact, there are schools that bring in people from outside, trying to explain why the Yamuna needs our help. But then, it seems to not have gone down too well. The river still runs with metric tonnes of waste. It still has waste being thrown into it. Yet, it’s considered a mother by more than half the population of the country.

The Guardian recently published a video telling us exactly how and why Yamuna has become the toxic waste it is today. The neglect with which we have treated the river, the constructions that came up around it, and the industrial waste that has gone into it for years has made it what it is.

YouTube/ The Guardian

Even though the government has spent crores of thousands to restore the river to its former state, all hope seems to have been lost, thanks to our neglect.

Here’s the video that’ll tell you how India’s most loved river became its most polluted.