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May 15, 2019 at 18:38

Gucci Is Selling Sikh Turbans For ₹50K, Netizens Call It Out For 'Cultural Appropriation'

by Asmita

Gucci is being criticized for selling Sikh turbans on Nordstrom as a luxury item for 790 dollars.

Source: Twitter

Last year, Gucci was called out for using turbans as a 'fashion accessory' during the Milan Fashion Week.


Netizens are calling out the brand for appropriating the Sikh religion and its culture by selling pagdi as a luxury commodity.

Ravinder Singh, the Founder of Khalsa Aid, also took to Twitter to instead give free lessons to people who want to wear a turban.

When will brands realise that insensitive appropriation of cultures and marketing items of faith as a luxury consumer good is downright problematic?

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