Let’s give you a clue. The national media was least bothered about that state when it’s capital city was drowning in floods in 2015. It’s Tamil Nadu. 

The culturally rich state with many undiscovered history made Tamil Nadu gain the 24th position amidst other 52 places around the world enlisted by New York Times. It is the only Indian state to make the list.

 “There’s Meenakshi Temple in Madurai, a sprawling complex dedicated to a powerful female deity, Brihadeeswarar Temple in Thanjavur, built by the ancient Cholas, one of India’s greatest dynasties, and several hundred other temples dotting the countryside and brimming with art carvings dating back as far as the 9th century.”
b’The Meenakshi Temple | Source: YouTube’

Chettinad in Tamil Nadu is famous for it’s spiciest aromatic cuisine. Other than that it has more than 50 villages filled with mansions which were built during the 18th century. The mansions are carved with strikingly expressive Burma teak. 

b’The interior of Chettinad Palace | Source: Wikipedia’

Limited infrastructure in the state is no longer a challenge for the tourist due to the recent development of many boutique hotels. 

New Yorkers have kept this state in their must visit list. Have you? 

Feature image source: Wikipedia