Heavy rains have lashed Gujarat, leading to flood situations in the state. Amid visuals of devastation due to incessant rains, a picture of a police official carrying two girls on his shoulder in waist-deep water is going viral.

According to a report by India Today, the incident happened in Tankara town of Morbi district in Gujarat. The police official in the picture is Constable Prithiviraj Singh Jadeja, who was a part of the police team involved in rescuing school children.

Reports suggest that the flow of water was so heavy that it became difficult for NDRF to rescue children by boats. This is when Gujarat police took charge of the rescue operation.

The Hindu

A video of Constable Prithiviraj Singh Jadeja carrying the children for around 1.5 km was shared by Additional DGP, Gujarat Police.

The video is receiving widespread praise on Twitter, with Gujarat CM, Vijay Rupani himself acknowledging the act of bravery.

These heroic acts by men in uniform restore our faith in their service.