A woman constable had stopped a Gujarat MLA’s son along with his two friends who were driving around in Surat during curfew hours.  

She was later transferred to the police headquarters. Needless to say, this episode has sparked controversy for the police folding under political pressure. A probe has been issued to look into the matter.

National Herald

Reportedly, Prakash Kanani who is the son of Varachha Road MLA and Minister of State Health Kumar Kanani and his friends had an argument with constable Sunita Yadav. 

She had pointed out that they were violating lockdown rules by being out during curfew hours and not even wearing a mask. 

They had called the MLA’s son who arrived at the spot in his father’s car. Apparently, an audio clip is doing the rounds on social media in which he allegedly threatens the constable saying he will “make you stand at the same place for 365 days”.

Outlook India

Boldly, the constable replied that she was not their slave and was later transferred to the police headquarters. 

This incident took place on Saturday when Ms Sunita Yadav was on parol duty and on Sunday, Prakash Kanani and his two friends were arrested. But were released on bail. 

On Saturday, Surat Commissioner of Police RB Brahmbhatt ordered an inquiry into the incident. Sunita Yadav has gone on a sick leave after the incident. 

Since then, people have been using a hashtag in support of Sunita Yadav, #i_support_sunita_yadav on twitter. They are voicing their concerns and appreciating the bravery of the constable. 

It’s time that people who are working hard and fairly are not reduced to mere collateral damage because somebody decided not to follow the rules.