Just recently, we reported how the Supreme Court allowed a 14 year-old rape victim to get an abortion . This landmark ruling made us believe that Indian courts have come of age.

But then there are also incidents such as this, that send us back to the stone ages and make us question the society we live in.

This woman was a rape survivor. When she found out she was pregnant, she wanted to get an abortion. The Gujarat High Court denied her permission.

The baby was sent to an orphanage soon after delivery. The woman now wants to go back to her husband but her community has asked her to prove her purity first.

As reported by India Today , this woman has asked been asked to balance a 40-kg rock on her head, as an ‘agnipariksha’ to prove that she’s pure, before she can go live with her husband.

She must balance the rock on her head till the goddess gives her a sign to stop.

Her husband was unavailable for comment. Watch the report here .