A strange turn of events unfolded in Fazilpur Badli village of Gurugram on Saturday. 

Villagers, who confused frozen toilet waste leaking from a flying aircraft with some rare mineral, not only took a piece of it home, but also stored it in their fridges. 

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According to a report by The Times of India, it all started when farmer Rajbir Yadav, who went to the field for his morning rituals, saw something really unexpected.

He witnessed a large piece of rock coming straight from the sky and hitting the earth with a loud noise. 

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Not sure about what it could be, he called other people from the village, and they suggested that the rock could in fact be a piece of a meteor. 

So, the teams from India Meteorological Department and National Disaster Management Authority were called.

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But unlike what everyone was expecting, they revealed that the material was ‘blue ice’, the term used for toilet waste in planes. 

In an interview given to the Times of India, a resident said, “Villagers who kept it (blue ice) inside their refrigerators are disappointed and are now busy cleaning their houses.”

That’s messed up to say the least.