While some people have hoarded toilet paper and other essentials, this Manchester-based music producer and activist OUTLAW  has been driving around the neighbourhood at 5 mph in a van – with the words ‘Free Isolation Essentials: Toilet Roll, Sanitiser, Bottled Water, Grinders, Bud’ painted on the side. 


That’s right. This dude, who has become sort of mythical figure in the region, according to Vice, has been supplying toilet paper and weed to people who need it. 


According to reports, last summer, he unfurled a banner saying ‘FREE BUD’  in the Piccadilly Gardens and handed out small bags of weed to anyone passing by.

These days, he has shifted his philanthropic nature towards tackling COVID-19. 

Merry jane

When asked if weed was really an essential, he said that he had put up an Instagram post asking if people need anything and received a lot of messages about weed. 

Mind you, he’s also been distributing toilet rolls and sourcing them hasn’t been easy given the mad rush people have been in since the pandemic. But he says he found a warehouse in Ireland to sort it all. 

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You can read his whole story here

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BTW, when he started this he had only £10 and but he farms it himself, so there has been no need for additional funding.