You don’t always need to save the world to become a hero. Sometimes, you just need to save some caterpillars.

The hero I am talking about is Sam Darlaston, who is my new favourite person in the entire universe.

So, the story is: Sam loves broccoli (a keeper right there) and bought some from the market. However, when he opened it at home, he found caterpillars in it. Full-fledged.

Now, what would you have done? Shrieked and thrown the entire thing away? Along with the caterpillars? Sam did not do that. Sam kept one of them as his pet and named him Cedric.

This is where it gets interesting. After the first broccoli, the second and third also happened to have caterpillars, and suddeny Sam and his roommate had 7 of them as pets.

And they loved them. Sam documented all small and big things about his ‘children’ and kept the world updated.

Soon, the caterpillars started cocooning.

And then the most beautiful thing happened. Cedric, the first pet, turned into a butterfly…oh my heart.

Others followed the suit within a few days.

Before Broc was also released into the wilderness.

Sam’s thread on the caterpillars went hugely viral, for understandable reasons, and he was even invited to release the butterflies on air by a radio channel.

Slim Eric (the one from the mushy couple), was the last to transform.

This, right here, is the sweetest story of this year. Or maybe this decade. I don’t know.

If you love your caterpillars, set them free (after they turn into butterflies).