A couple of years ago, there were videos of people pranking others by leaving single AirPod stickers on the floor which looked like real AirPods. As funny as that was, I can’t imagine being on the other end of that situation, where you actually lose your Apple accessory! Well, Twitter user @niquotein recently lost his AirPods and found them all over again with the help of the FindMy feature and the kind people online.

Apparently, the people who had the AirPods submitted them to the police station. Apart from the one person who helped Nikhil out, a Twitter user by the name of Edwin Mascarenhas also played a role in getting his AirPods to the police station, safe and sound.

And here’s how people have responded to the post and Nikhil successfully recovering his AirPods:

This could be turned into a short film.