Listen up, there is a guy who predicted that “coronavirus is coming” in 2013. No he isn’t Jofra Archer, though I understand why you’d think so. 

This is some other person, named Marco on Twitter, and here is his 4-word post that is giving us the creeps. 

To be fair, Marco seems like a person who says random stuff. For instance:

But this is too specific. Could he have manifested it without knowing? Or did he have an inkling? I wouldn’t know, but I did notice how he just disappeared from Twitter with this tweet in 2016. 

There is something about the smiley that doesn’t sit right with me, but anyway, people have been commenting on his corona tweet since it went viral, and here are some of the reactions:

Now don’t come at me with “covid existed before 2019”. I know that, let me at least enjoy conspiracy theories in peace.

Also, let’s find Marco? Where the f*ck has he disappeared and what other secrets does he know?